Azzawia Foundation

 for Oil Service & Trading


Azzawia Foundation for Oil Service & Trading is an Engineering and Consultancy firm newly established by well experienced technical consultants and young dynamic engineers to offer sets of engineering services tailored to meet the requirements of industrial companies (Oil & Gas) with respect to electro-mechanical and automation drives including the supply of equipment’s, tools and necessary materials. It provides also technical supports for engineering and feasibility studies related to the improvements / modification and upgrading on all electro-mechanical units in order to assist our customers to obtain a real competitive advantage.

Under the National Oil Corporation (NOC) regulation, Zawiya Foundation for Oil Services is registered in the Chamber of Commerce and other relevant authority of Libya. The Company founders are highly qualified Libyan Petroleum Engineers and specialists who, combined, have a total of 20 years of experience with the Oil & Gas industry including the Environmental issues & HSE regulations.

The core business of Azzawia Foundation for Oil Service & Trading involves on Commercial & Sales agent for Oil and Gas companies under N.O.C. providing engineering & consultancy services including the supply or genuine spare parts and after sales service.

Our services extended to include customers from other industrial sectors like Cement, Fodders, Iron & Steel, Petrochemical, Food and Beverages.

شركة حجر الزواية للخدمات النفطية والتجارة هي شركة هندسية واستشارية تم تأسيسها مؤخرًا من قبل استشاريين تقنيين ذوي خبرة جيدة ومهندسين ديناميكيين شباب لتقديم مجموعة من الخدمات الهندسية المصممة خصيصًا لتلبية متطلبات الشركات الصناعية (النفط والغاز) فيما يتعلق بالكهرباء والميكانيكية. محركات الأتمتة بما في ذلك توريد المعدات والأدوات والمواد اللازمة. كما يوفر الدعم الفني للهندسة ودراسات الجدوى المتعلقة بالتحسينات / التعديل والتحديث على جميع الوحدات الكهروميكانيكية من أجل مساعدة عملائنا على الحصول على ميزة تنافسية حقيقية. بموجب لائحة مؤسسة النفط الوطنية ، يتم تسجيل شركة حجر الزاوية للخدمات النفطية في الغرفة التجارية والسلطات الأخرى ذات الصلة في ليبيا. مؤسسو الشركة هم من مهندسي البترول الليبيين والمتخصصين المؤهلين تأهيلاً عالياً والذين يمتلكون ، مجتمعة ، 20 عامًا من الخبرة في صناعة النفط والغاز بما في ذلك القوانين البيئية والقوانين البيئية والصحية. ينطوي العمل الأساسي لشركة حجر الزاوية للتجارة وخدمات النفط على وكيل تجاري ومبيعات لشركات النفط والغاز بموجب اتفاقية N.O.C. تقديم الخدمات الهندسية والاستشارية بما في ذلك التوريد أو قطع الغيار الأصلية وخدمة ما بعد البيع. توسعت خدماتنا لتشمل العملاء لشركات ذات شهرة عالمية في القطاعات الصناعية الأخرى مثل النفط والغاز والكهرباء والأسمنت والأعلاف والحديد والصلب والبتروكيماويات والأغذية والمشروبات.

Zawiya Foundation for Oil Services in joint venture partnership agreement with specialized international Oil & Gas services companies to provide the following products and services:

- Centrifugal Horizontal and Vertical

- Screw Type

- Piston and Plunger

- HERMETICALLY Sealed, Spindle and complete skids as well as special pumps and application

- Membrane Pumps solid handling Pumps

- High Pressure Pumps

- Marine Pumps.

Sensor and Probes for the Analysis of Molten Metals:

 - Temperature Control

 - Oxygen Activity Control

 - Slag Probes

 - Carbon Control

 - Hydrogen Control

 - Sublime and Drops Sensors

 - Combined Sensors

 - Sampling.

Temperature Sensors & Accessories:

- Thermocouples

- RTD’s

- Thermo wells & Protection Tubes

- Glass Thermocouples

- Compensating Cables

- Instruments Cables

- Connection heads & Accessories

- Calibration Equipment’s

- Industrial Heaters

- Non-Contact Pyrometers

- Thermal Imagers

- Furnace Monitoring Cameras

- Kiln Shell Scanners.

Copper Fittings:

- Copper Cooled Copper fittings for continues casting

- Water Cooled Copper Fittings for electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)

- Water Cooled Copper fittings for BOP converters

- Mold tubes

- Water Cooled Copper fittings for continues blast furnaces

- Forget lance tip with center port


- Ball Valves

- Butterfly Valve

- Conduit Swing Check

- Flow Regulating & Actuators

- Gate Valve

- Globe Valves

- Fire Fighting and Special Valves and Application.

BEARING Industries:

- Deep Groove Ball Bearings

- Single Angular Contact Ball Bearings

- Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

- Cylindrical Roller Bearings

- Multi Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

- Spherical Roller Bearings

- Single Row Taper Roller bearings and matched Paired Sets

- Double Row Taper Roller Bearings

- Four Row Taper Roller Bearings

- Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

- Taper Roller Thrust bearings.

Measuring, Monitoring, Analyzing Instrumentation:

- Flow

- Pressure

- Level

- Temperature

- Accessories

Process Equipment:

- Gas Treatment

- Separators

- Heat Exchangers

- Filter Separators

- Fuel Gas System

Heat Exchanger:

- Evaporator,

- Exchangers Shell & Tube

- Gold Box

- Condenser

Filter Systems:

- Filter Elements

- Filtration of Liquids and Gasses

- Heavy Duty Self Cleaning Filter Solution for Ballast Water

- Cooling Water

- Seawater Filtration

- Fluid Conditioning System

- Measurement and Analysis System

- Fluid Conditioning Systems with Fluid Sensors

- Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Filters

Power Supply / Power Generation:

- Emergency Power System

- Permanent Power Supply


- Gas Aggregates

- Stationary and Mobile Emergency Power Supply System

- Standby Power Supply System

- Power Plants for Continues Load Operation

- General Spare Parts for Large Diesel Engines and for Turbines as used in Power Station, Vessel, Refineries and etc…

Industrial Hydraulic:

- Hydraulic Pumps

- Cylinders

- On / Off Valve

- Valves Systems

- Electronic

- Proportional Valves

- Cylinder Filter

- Oil Treatment

- Hydraulic and Pneumatic as well as Greasing and Lubricating Equipment’s

- Syntronix Variable Speed Pump Drives

Compressors & Accessories:

- Rotary Lube Compressors

- Positive Displacement Blowers

- Screw Compressors

- Spare Parts for Compressors / Dryer / Filters

- Oil Water Separator and Hydraulic Filter Elements

Industrial Plastics:

- Electric make up sleeve for coilers and uncoils

- Wobbler’s boxes with Exchangeable Nylon Inserts

- Wear Plates for Cold Rolling Mills and Stand

- Slipper Pads for articulated Spindles

- Fabric bearing

- Run Flat System

- Wobbler’s Boxes

Belt Conveyor Accessories:

- Conveyor Rollers

- Standard Rollers

- Plastic Rollers

- Guide Rollers

- Impact Rollers

- Rollers made to Order

- Stainless Steel Rollers

- Belt Pulleys

- Driving Pulleys

- Idler Pulleys

- Elevator Pulleys

- Carrying Idlers

- Snub Rollers

- Cylinder Stations

- Carrier

- Return Stations

- Clamping Angels

- Self-Aligning Set

- Return Self Aligning

- Impact tables

Monitoring Devices for Conveyor System:

- Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switches

- Belt Misalignment Switches

- Limit Switches

- Speed Monitors

- Misalignment Switches for Bucket Elevators

Conveyor Belt Fasteners:

- Conveyor Belt Fasteners and Flexible Lacings

- Hot Vulcanized Coating of metal Pieces

- Vulcanizing presses

- Tools and Accessories for Vulcanizes

- Splices less

Lifting Equipment’s / Crane / Derricks / Hoists:

- Air Hoists

- Electric Chain Hoists

- Manual Hoists

- Ratchet Lever Hoists

- Trolleys

- Winches

- Cranes Parts and Components

Filter Bags:

- Filter Bags are made of Felts and Fabrics produced in-house or bought in accordance to specifications from selected and qualified suppliers.

Expansion Joints and Hoses:

- Hoses

- Special Fittings

- Fabrics

- Metals

- Rubber

- Seals

Power Transmission Equipment’s:

- Gear Couplings

- Gear Joints

- Disc Couplings

- Gear Spindles

- Universal Shaft

Gear Boxes / Couplings:

- Flender

- Voith

- SEW Eurodrive

- Tschan

- Rotex

- Stiebel

Electric Motors:

- Siemens


- SEW Eurodrive

- Danfoss

- Bauer

- VEM Motors

Truck Tires:

- Tyres for Mining

- Construction

- Port Handling for Industrial Purposes

Operational Scheme :

We are based in Tripoli provided with good strategic location in other to gain the applicable access around clients and other governmental authorities. The company management operates through company experts' feedback to sustain the proper decision.

The Company management implements its operation through the following tasks:

-Oil & Gas operations, production and maintenance

- Industrial Processing plant

- Water treatment/waste water treatment

- Chemical treatment plant

- Piping/tubular

- Spare Parts & equipment supplies

Joint venture & Partnership

Zawiya Foundation for Oil Services is in joint venture/partnership agreements with European manufacturers/Vendors and reputable suppliers.


Aqseptence (Geiger - Johnson Screens)

Dr.Peter Wallner / Danubian

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Signing a contract with one of the world 's most famous companies, Aqseptence , previously known as (Geiger - Johnson Screens).